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Happy you have stopped by our shop. We work hard to bring a little levity as well as inspiration to your yoga practice with our artist designed products. Playful classical yoga classes, beautiful, unique artist desgned yoga mats, yoga apparel, gifts, accessories and other unique offerings. Know you are practicing with a community and shopping at a store whose staff views all its customers as they view themselves. Our factory direct pricing allows us to offer unique, artist designed yoga mats, and artistic yoga apparel, gifts and accessories, as well as our Live Online, On Demand and In Studio Yoga Classes at low prices. Discounts on Yoga Classes for Full Time College Students, Public School Teachers and Veterans. Also a Wisdom Discount for any Wise Old Owls over the age of 65. Proof required for discount purchases should be photographed and emailed to
If you have any questions at all or desire any additional information, please reach out to us using the form below or give us a call.
phone: 1-413-998-3463 
Address: (walk-ins by appointment only)
Dhira Yoga Center
617 College Highway
Southwick, MA 01077
Hope you will enjoy our offerings. Namasté. 
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